From Giresun



Having been scrutunized and graded by the experts, the hazelnut purchased directly from the producers are shelled at the shelling machines in the Kümbetli Hazelnut Factory.

Shelled hazelnuts are calibrated by sieves system. Damaged hazelnuts(such as shrivelled, touched damaged, broken hazelnuts, mouldy) and foreign materials are taken out on the selection bands while only the high-quality ones are packed.

The graded, quality shelled hazelnut are proceeded to the roasting and blanching units to be processed.


Damaged hazelnut and foreign materials are selected by Sortex optical selection machine before hand selection. Roasted or blanched hazelnuts, ready to be offered to our customers, are packed between 5 to 25 Kgs. vacuum bags or 50 Kgs. jute bags with PVC inside bags and stored in the processed product warehouse.

Based on the demand of our customers, roasted or blanched hazelnuts hazelnut are chopped between 2 to 11 mm.sieves.Chopped hazelnut are packed in 5-25 Kgs vacuum bags, after skin separate.

Natural or blanched hazelnut are sliced between 0,5 – 3 mm thicknees and are separeted form skin and meal. Sliced hazelnut are packed between 5 to 25 Kgs. cartoon bags. 

Hazelnut meal that is obtained by grinding natural or blanched hazelnut, are packed 5-25 Kgs. cartoon bags or 50 Kgs.Jute bags with PVC inside bags.

From raw material to the shipment, in every step of the production, our products have been screened by the experienced quality control experts and production operators in order to meet the specifications of our valuable customers.