About Us

Kümbetli family, a prominent hazelnut producer family in Giresun, has been in operation of hazelnut purchase and sales for a long time. In 1979, founding the Kümbetli Company, the family started its business in İstanbul in the area of processed hazelnut, targeting the local market.

The Kümbetli family has made a good and fast reputation in the market for its consistent sales and quality policy The company has quickly become a leading and demanded supplier in chocolate, nuts and pastry business. In this regard, a decision was made to establish a new hazelnut plant in Giresun. All necessary precautions to ensure a hygienic food production process, such as epoxi floor cover, plexiglass windows and controlled entrance has been taken in the new factory, which is completed in 2001. In 2001, implementing the standarts of ISO9001-2000 in its administration and realizing the production of natural and processed hazelnut, the Kümbetli started to sell its products to domestic and international markets in its new factory. Upholding the high-quality standarts of hazelnut production, the Kümbetli Company is making every effort to certify the customer satisfaction. In this regard, it is the mission of the company to fulfill each and every demand of its customers by carefully evuluating every request coming from them.

Our Vision

By keeping customer satisfaction in Turkey and abroad, we aim to be a nut brand of our country around the world by responding to the need of hazelnuts which is our domestic product and taking effective role in the sector by producing quality in accordance with hygiene conditions.

Our Mission

Our goal is to become a leader in the sector by developing our products and services with new investments and meeting customer demands and expectations in the most effective manner, introducing Turkish hazelnut in the most efficient way both domestically and abroad.